When to Use Which Kitchen Knife – A Short Guide

when to use which kitchen knife

Working with the right knife is crucial to achieving success when preparing meals and cooking in the kitchen. Before spending a ton of money in purchasing a set of kitchen knives, it is necessary to understand the uses of each of the blades in the set. It is worth noting that some cutters are designed for specific use only. As such, they are not ideal for multi-tasking or for being used for other tasks except those that they are specially designed for. Some of the specific uses of common kitchen blades include:

Chef knife

Usually, the largest blade in the kitchen, a good chef knife usually features a wide blade whose length ranges between 8” and 10”. The cutter is used for common daily cooking tasks such as slicing vegetables, chopping food items like carrots and onions, and cutting raw meat among other tasks.

Commonly, the cutter is the ultimate blade for nearly all kitchen cutting tasks, particularly those that are undertaken when preparing meals. For excellent efficiency, it is advisable to settle for a blade with a versatile cutting blade that is sufficiently long. The knife should also be comfortable to hold in the hands and should feature a firm handle for easy handling.

These statistics are also similar when you’re looking to buy a brand new carving knife. A good carving knife is essential for your kitchen. It can help you greatly in doing fine works with meat. If you’re looking to up your cooking level, a couple of decent carving knives is a must.

Paring knife

Measuring approximately 2” to 4” long, a paring kitchen knife is also one of the widely used blades in the kitchen. Some of the common uses of these blades include coring and peeling fruits, chopping vegetables, slicing, cutting small objects as well as other simple hand tasks. Other cutting tasks of a paring knife are such as mincing garlic and hulling strawberries. It is advisable that you should not use paring blades for hard cutting tasks like cutting through carrots and other foods. This is because the blades are not heavy enough for such cutting tasks and may, therefore, need you to apply excessive force when cutting through such hard food items.

Serrated knife

One of the most popular types of serrated knife is the bread knives. Choosing a good new bread knife is important since it’s mostly designed for use in slicing bread, cake and other flour-based foods like sandwiched buns. The lengths of these knives differ from one blade to the other with most of the cutters averaging between 6 inches and 10 inches. Unlike other kitchen knives, serrated blades can hardly be used for other tasks in the kitchen as the blades are not smooth and sharp, and as such cannot cut through items like vegetables.

Another type of serrated knife you should know about is the steak knife. A good set of steak knives might be costly. But you should know that they will make your beef meal much better. The main reason is that they will make slicing beef steak much easier, as well as showing off to your guests if you want. So, my advice is to always invest in a quality set of steak knife if you can.

Boning knife

Just like its name, the blade is designed for boning meat, fish or poultry. Most of these cutters feature flexible but strong blades so that the knife can curve effortlessly around bones and meat. The typical length of these blades is 4-5 inches. The blades come in two variations: wide blades for pork and chicken and narrow blades for boning ribs and cartilage. When looking for the best boning blade to purchase, it is recommended that you settle for a curved blade as it provides you with the best cutting angle around bones.

On the other hand, if you want to bring home a decent meat cleaver, you should look for the exact opposite of the above-mentioned characteristics. The first important thing to know is you should choose a full-tang cleaver for added strength and durability. Furthermore, in order to make sure that your cleaver can chop through the thickest meat and bone, make sure it’s made of high carbon stainless steel. The material will make it sharper and harder for such tasks.

There are some basic tips you should observe for all types of knives. For instance, it is crucial to sharpen the knives regularly especially if you use the blades for cutting through hard food items. In addition to this, you should hold the knife rightly and firmly in the hands to avoid instances of the blade slipping and cutting off your fingers.

Why Baseball Is The Best Sport In America?

The beginning of the baseball season marks the beginning of my favorite season. I began following baseball at a tender age and ever since that time, the sport has always been my favorite. I believe that baseball is the best sport in the whole world because of a number of reasons. The following are some of the reasons why baseball is the best sport.

1. Learning and playing baseball is easy

Baseball is one of the simplest games in the world. By simply understanding the roles of every participant, you can be able to play in any position you want. The game also provides various playing positions requiring different skills. With simple skills, you can therefore not lack a position to fill.

To start learning baseball, all you need is a bat and a glove. With the best wood bats you can be able to master the game with ease. The advancement in technology has also led to the invention of pitching nets. These nets can help you practice pitching at any place. You can learn more about pitching nets at this reliable website: https://baseballeagle.com/best-pitching-nets

2. It is a family-friendly sport

Baseball is a sport for all people. Children can start participating in Baseball at the age of 5 years. The sport is simple to play and understand. It is also friendly and can be watched by everyone. Baseball matches are always friendly and safe for all people.

When training and competing in baseball matches, it is always important to prioritize the safety of all players. You should ensure that your children are wearing their helmets when playing baseball. With the Best Batting Helmets, your children will always be safe from any head injuries.

3. There are various games played for charity

Baseball is a very unique sport. It is one of the most charitable sports. In each year, there are various games played for charity. In the games, a certain target is set and after the players hit it, a certain amount of money acquired is donated for charity.

Participating in baseball leagues gives teams a chance to participate in international charity programs. In most leagues, a charity to be played for is set at the beginning of the tournament. The tournament organizers are the ones who set and distribute the charity funds.

4. Baseball fans are the best

In most sports, a majority of the fans only watch the games of their favorite teams during special occasions. They only support their favorite teams with words and no action. This is different when it comes to baseball.

No matter how bad the performance of a certain baseball team is, you will always find the supporters of that team supporting it through thick and thin. The supporters are always ready to watch all the team matches no matter how bad the team is performing.

5. Baseball leaves everyone satisfied

The beginning of a baseball season marks the beginning of an unending action. When a season begins, matches are played on a daily basis. This gives both the participants and the followers a good chance to be entertained every day. Everyone gets enough satisfaction by the time the season ends.

In other sports, this is different because matches are not played every day. Being a baseball fan gives you a chance to get entertained on a daily basis throughout the season. The only time that you will not be enjoying the action is during the Spring Training. To keep the action going at that time, you should get the Best Baseball Bags and Backpack, visit the nearest field and join the others in training.


Baseball is a very nice sport that can be enjoyed by anyone. The list above shows some of the reasons why it is the best sport in the world. You can learn more about this sport and the best equipment for the game at https://baseballeagle.com. This is a trusted website that can reliably guide you when looking for anything.

How to Choose the Perfect Dinner Date Dress

Selecting the perfect dinner date dress is a daunting task, one which girls have been trying to crack since time immemorial. Of course we all desire to look as elegant as possible, but we also want to feel comfy in a dress that both flatters and dazzles. Here are some tips on how to choose dinner date dresses.

Check the Venue

Always confirm the venue online to get a feel for the setting as this will determine what type of dress will be suitable for that environment. Although dinner dates are typically subdued affairs and as such require elegance, checking the venue might be the difference between a memorable night and an awkward one. The location should be your guide, with your look reflecting your surroundings.

Complement Your Body type

When it comes to choosing the right dress, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and just grab the most expensive or trendiest one without really considering how it will look on you. Finding the perfect dress is all about celebrating your finest features and embracing your body type.

When you wear the model dress suited for your figure, you’ll work the room like nobody’s business. For example, if you have an apple shaped body with a thick waist, you may want to lengthen the appearance of your upper body and pull the attention away from your middle. A dress with a drop waist or empire could redefine your waist seamlessly and ensure an overall fantastic look.

Comfort is Key

The last thing you want to be doing is be fiddling with your dress all through your dinner date. Thus, comfort should be your first priority when choosing the ideal outfit. If it requires constant adjustment, double stick tape or sucking in, leave it at home.

When you feel comfortable in whatever you’re rocking, you’ll look good. Stand out by adding a fun accessory or statement piece of jewelry as a conversation starter. Also, this might go without saying but give yourself ample time to pick out exactly which dress you’ll be wearing. Being stressed out and disheveled until the final minute is a poor way to start out your night.

Choosing a dress that truly makes you feel like the finest version of yourself will ensure you have plenty of poise. This creates an aura of assurance, meaning you’ll not only smile more but will also be comfortable enough to engage freely.

Still Picking the Perfect Restaurant for a First Date? Consider These Tips

How to Pick the Perfect Restaurant for a First Date

We all know that first dates can be intimidating. It’s exciting meeting someone for a date, but can be nerve-wracking.

The last thing you want to worry about when it comes to a first date is where to go. That’s why we have rounded up some tips for you to follow when thinking about planning a first date!

1. Check The Infatuation App

The Infatuation is an app that gives honest and detailed reviews of restaurants in major cities. Infatuation is currently available in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and more.

The app even has a section of restaurants that have been rated (by people who visited it in the past) on whether or not they would be a good setting for a first date! (What more could you ask for?!)

For example, Infatuation rates the restaurant “Spacca Napoli” in Chicago an 8.5/10 for a first date. The reviewer says the restaurant is “off the beaten path, and the space is small, a low-key dinner here feels intimate. ..It’s also in the kind of tree-lined neighborhood that you can go for a very cute walk in afterward.” -The Infatuation App, Review by Sam Faye

There’s really no way to mess up when you use this app.

Tip: If you live in a city that doesn’t have The Infatuation app, check another restaurant review app like Yelp instead.

2. Choose Your Favorite Spot

Another way to make sure your first date is a hit is to simply choose a restaurant that you already know and love!

Besides the fact that you know the food will be great, you will also feel a little more comfortable being in a space that you already know and like. Being in that space may help calm your nerves and relax you in front of your date.

And, you’ll have something fun to talk about with your date: why you like the food there so much!

3. Ask Your Date What They Like

The worst case scenario on a first date would be to pick a restaurant that your date doesn’t like at all. Or, they could even end up being allergic to the food you picked, or have certain strict dietary restrictions. To avoid this, make sure to ask your date what kind of food and cuisine they like best, before you plan the date. Do they like Chinese? Italian? Mexican?

Asking your date what they like is the polite thing to do, and shows that you are considering their feelings, rather than just your own. It also allows you to learn a little bit more about them, which is what first dates are all about, right?!

4. Check the Menu/Price Out

Going to a restaurant that is expensive on the first date can be intimidating and awkward for the other person. It puts a lot of pressure on the date, and makes it seem very formal.

To avoid this, do some research about the restaurant before you plan on going there. Search for the menu and price list online to make sure that the price is right.

“Don’t pick a five-star restaurant if you’re on a two-star budget,” said KarenLee Poter, internet talk show host and author. “If you’re feeling out of place, it starts the date out on the wrong foot. Conversely, if you pick somewhere that you’ve been to before or that shows a little about your creativity and personality, you’ll be that much more ahead of the game.”

On the other hand, don’t choose a restaurant that is too casual. Would you take someone you really like to McDonald’s, on the first date? Consider the impression that you are giving off to someone by choosing a particular restaurant. Don’t give someone the idea that they are a “cheap date.”
A person sitting over a gourmet meal at a long table with numerous plates and wine glasses

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will be sure to have an awesome meal and first date. Most importantly, remember to be yourself on a first date and consider the other person!

Source: Foodanddating